Wildlife Habitat

“If you build it, they will come” is a well-known line from the move “Field of Dreams” which readily applies to wildlife habitat. Most forestland can be manipulated to a great extent to provide habitat which is suitable to particular species for observation and/or hunting. Thinning an oak stand to increase nut production, clearings for food plots, small clearcuts to increase browse and cover, planting trees and shrubs for food and cover, individual tree selection to benefit specific species, pond construction and building brushpiles are some of the projects that can be undertaken to improve your property for wildlife.

Many or all of these options can be incorporated into your Forest Management Plan according to the goals you have for your property. Reynwood Forest Management can Wood Duck Condostailor a Sample Hunting Lease for supplemental income that you can take to yourattorney for final modification to suit your needs. You can also purchase nesting boxes for a variety of species from bluebirds to wood ducks.

Reynwood Forest Management can provide: Bluebird nesting box

  • Construction of brushpiles
  • Creating of snags
  • Forest openings
  • Tree and shrub planting
  • Nesting box construction and installation